Shri Mangueshi Temple


The Shri Mangueshi temple is located at Mangueshi in Ponda Taluka. It is the most prominent among temples and is situated along the National Highway-4A about 23-km from Panaji. The Shri Mangueshi Temple attracts thousands of visitors every year and is gifted by the ‘Welcome Gate’, an elegant lamp tower, a ‘Noubatkhana’ overlooking the temple tank and the ‘Agrashalas’ on three sides. The structure of the Shri Mangueshi Temple dates from 1700’s. The temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Lore has it that Parvati – the consort of Lord Shiva – came to Goa in search of Shiva who had disappeared from Kailasa following an altercation between them. Parvati beseeched Shiva to protect her in these terms: ‘Trahi Mam Girisha’ (protect me the Lord of mountains). ‘Mam Girisha’ subsequently became ‘Mangirisha’ or ‘Manguesh’. It is 22 km from Panaji at Priol-Ponda Taluka. Though small, it has an air of distinctive elegance. Its lofty white tower at the entrance is a landmark of the countryside.