Terms & Conditions

To Ensure Safe And Orderly Accommodations For All Dormitory Occupants & Discipline In Dormitory, Occupants Have To Follow Below Terms & Conditions:

  1. Dormitory Opening time: 9am every day.
  2. Customers will be given a locker along with the bed. The key for the same is to be returned to the manager at the time of check out.
  3. Customers need to inform the dormitory manager 2 hours before of check out if they wish to continue or leave.
  4. Customers should not make, or contribute to the making of, excessive noise in the dormitories.
  5. Dormitory may not be held responsible whatsoever for the loss of or damage to the personal belongings of customers.
  6. The dormitory management reserves the right to determine occupancy status, fill vacant spots, approve bed changes, and assign or cancel beds.
  7. Outside food is not allowed in the dormitory.
  8. Do not play music after 10 pm.
  9. No animals are allowed to be kept or fed within dormitory.
  10. Smoking is not allowed in dormitory.
  11. No Lady is allowed in Dormitory.
  12. Lights off Timing: 10 pm and On timing: 6 am
  13. No washing of clothes in the bathrooms of dormitory.
  14. Clothes must not be hung in the dormitory or from windows for drying.
  15. No gambling of any kind is allowed.
  16. Bed cannot be changed without prior approval of the dormitory manager.
  17. Customers must not throw any object from windows or place objects outside windows.
  18. No firearms, weapons, fireworks or other lethal or dangerous weapons may be kept or used within dormitories.
  19. No cooking is allowed in rooms.
  20. Eating in dormitory is strictly prohibited.
  21. Customers must not provide false, misleading or untrue information in dormitory applications.
  22. No alcoholic drinks or narcotics can be kept or used within dormitory
  23. No customer may threaten or harass another on the basis of race, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, political view or disability.
  24. No customer may harass the staff members of the dormitory.
  25. Customers may not indulge in acts towards harming another person or destroying property
  26. Customers may not threaten, harass or harm dormitory personnel.
  27. Belongings of others may not be borrowed without permission. Dormitory will not be held responsible for such acts.
  28. No item within the dormitory may be removed from its place without the approval of the dormitory manager.
  29. No property must be damaged.
  30. Customers must provide their names and a valid ID to dormitory personnel when queried.
  31. No Guest is allowed inside the dormitory for more than 10 minutes.
  32. An occupant will not be considered to have vacated the dormitory until the Locker key is turned over to the dormitory manager.
  33. Should Customers leave the dormitory without completing this form, all loss and damage to the dormitory will be the responsibility of the Customer.
  34. In event of key loss, Customers will be required to pay a replacement fee determined by the dormitory.